Do you know what Asin is? Asin is the shortening of Assistant Instructor. A friend of mine abbreviatted it to make the situation lighter and cheerful. The first time I heard this abbreviation I couldn’t bear myself to laugh, yet we call ourselves this silly abbreviation. Yes it is silly, because in Indonesian ASIN means salty.

Starting from today, March 11th 2010, I and my three other friends begin to observe another English instructor. We have to observe how to start and deliver the lesson in order to strengthen our skill in teaching English. Feel likes i’ve been brought to the time when I joint DIBI, because before teaching practice, we had to observe the real teacher first for us to get used to with the situation of the class and adopt the method.

This is the second time for me to be an ASIN. The first observation was when I just joint Russian department as a Russian instructor. I was taught how to deliver basic Russian lesson and how to behave in front of the class facing adult students, however the method was different with what I’ve got from DIBI class.  Maybe all the differences are because the level of the students, even so, I combine all the method I’ve got to teach both language, Russian and English.

Sometimes to be an observer or being observed has it own tense. For the observers, the longer period of the observation the more boredom it would be, on the other hand, for those whose been observed, they might feel a bit inconvenient and being restrained. Above all, there are a lot of benefits for both, observers and instructors, for instance, enhancing teaching skill and learning the language itself, however the advantages of both sides are possibly different one from another, which depend on their perspectives.


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  1. bu kayknya sekarang dan mulai males2an buat update blog subpok rusia, gara2 sibuk fesbukan yo…

  2. […] “Opportunity“, dia tidak ada di “YESTERDAY“, tetapi ada satu di “TODAY” dan ada tiga di “TOMORROW“. Jadi, selalu ada kesempatan baru menunggu anda di […]

  3. kirain mo cerita tentang UDANG ASIN yang dari cirebon itu??? 😀

    pa kabar bu guru?

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